Swarovski & Other Findings

Costume Jewellery Shee wholesale Swarovski Create Your Style beads for your beading needs. Swarovski beads come in various design, sizes and color. The type of beading Swarovski crystals we carry are the Swarovski crystal beads 5000 series (e.g. 5328, 5000, 5040, 5754, 5621 and etc.), Swarovski crystal pearls 5800 series (e.g. 5810, 5811 and etc.), Swarovski crystal pendants 6000 series (e.g. 6211, 6225, 6328 and etc.)

Costume Jewellery Shee also wholesale Swarovski Becharmed Pave collections. The Swarovski Becharmed Pave are made from stainless steels parts & Swarovski crystals with Swarovski signature found on the Becharmed Pave itself.  The Becharmed Pave beads will be paired with Swarovski stainless steel bracelet with sizes ranging 17cm, 18cm and 19cm.

Swarovski – Create Your Style is DIY initiative from Swarovski. Therefore we also wholesale some range of items to compliment the beads and complete a jewellery piece. For example, beading wire, beading string, stopper, lobster hook, chain and various findings.