Our Silver Cleaning & Maintenance Range

It is normal that 92.5% (or 925) Silver accessories over time, it will tarnish or gets dirty. Mainly depending on the person sweat profile, frequent exposure to perfume/cologne, frequency bath/wash with the silver accessories and how it is kept in storage. To complement our Silver accessories, we carry a range of cleaning, maintaining & storage products. Besides Silver accessories, you can use them for household silverware or any silver based items.

One of the brand we carry is TOWN TALK POLISH. When the Silver accessories (e.g. silver earring, silver pendant, silver necklace and etc.) are tarnished (means it started to look yellowish), you can use TOWN TALK Silver Sparkle, a cleaning solution to clean the fashion accessories. After cleaning, to maintain the shine for a longer period, you can use the Silver Polish solution. And lastly, for storage, you can buy the Silver Storage bags, to enable the Silver shine last much longer. For simpler cleaning of the silver accessories, you can also use the Silver cleaning cloth.

Our Wholesale Gift Boxes

In the end after your customers bought your fashion accessories as a gift for their friends or loved ones, we wholesale various gift boxes for rings, bangle, bracelet, earrings and etc. We supply them by the dozen to enjoy the wholesale price.

Our gift boxes are paper based for more common and regular gifts. Then we also have those in velvet. These are more suitable to higher priced gifts especially for goldsmiths or silversmiths customers.

Our Hair Accessories Wholesale Collections

We wholesale a full range of hair accessories. We mainly import our hair accessories from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, China, Singapore and Thailand. Our colors selections are suitable for all races as different ethnicity has different color preferences. Depending on what area you are selling to, our experienced sales consultants will advise you accordingly. 

We wholesale hair clips, pony tails, fashion rubber bands, hair bands, claw clips, banana clips, hair bun clips and others. Visit our showrooms to see the rest of the range we wholesale and retail. More information at here.

Our Swarovski Create-Your-Style & Swarovski Elements Collections for Wholesale & Retail

Costume Jewellery Shee is the authorized to wholesale and retail Swarovski Create Your Style beads for your beading needs in Malaysia. Our customers usually buys the products to create their own jewellery pieces. They create bracelets, anklet, pendant, customized the tudung or hijab, customized shoes design and etc. Sky is the limit.

Swarovski beads come in various design, sizes and color. The types of beading crystals we carry are the 5000 crystal beads series (e.g. 5328, 5000, 5040, 5754, 5621 and etc.), 5800 pearl series (e.g. 5810, 5811 and etc.), 6000 crystal pendant series (e.g. 6211, 6225, 6328 and etc.) & BeCharmed Pave. However, if the customers would like purchase the collections which we don’t have ex-stock in Malaysia, they can placed an order with us, and we will get it for them.

We sell them in pre packed quantities of 6 pcs, 12 pcs, 36 pcs, 72 pcs, 144 pcs and in its original packing from Swarovski. 

Our Crown & Other Artificial Diamond Jewelry Collections for Wholesale & Retail

We wholesale crown and other artificial diamond stone jewelry. These fashion accessories are usually silver-plated and fitted with diamond like stones. Some of the fashion accessories we carry are necklace & earring sets, crowns, bracelets, hair comb and scepter. Our customers usually buy these items for wedding photography, bridal fashion jewelry which includes the bridesmaid & flower girls, beauty pageant or dinner wear.

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Welcome to CJS!

Established since late 1970s, Costume Jewellery Shee Sdn Bhd was one of the pioneers in Malaysia to move into retailing and wholesale of artificial, costume jewellery and fashion accessories business. Since then, we have 2 spacious and fully-stocked double stories wholesale shop-lots.

Costume Jewellery Shee strives to stay connected to the costume jewellery world by constantly getting ourselves tuned in to the changing trends of the market. To ensure that we have the most updated products in our showroom, almost every month there will be new shipments of costume jewellery arriving.

Costume Jewellery Shee’s products range covers head to toe fashion accessories for the ladies (children & adults) though we still carry a smaller range for the guys as well. Our products are mainly gold-plated, sterling silver, acrylic, plastic, crystals, cosmetics and cloisonne based products.

Some of the types of products we carry are earrings, bracelets, anklets, pendants, chains, nose studs, bangles, rings, SWAROVSKI crystal beads, Japanese beads, QPP ear piercing system, STUDEX ear piercing system, cosmetics, hair clips, brooch, necklace, key chain, pony tail, hair accessories, bags, gift box, crown, hairband, wallet, lipstick, eyeliner, lipliner, Cameleon cosmetics, Comb, Toe Ring, Cloisonne, Gold Plated fashion accessories, 925 silver and sterling silver.

Costume Jewellery Shee’s products are both locally produced and imported from Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Nepal, Myanmar and India. We also export our products to Australia, United Kingdom, Europe, Indonesia and many more.

We also provide worldwide for our international customers & local customers. Regardless via land, air or sea, depending our customer’s preferences. However for our first time customers, we would suggest that you should pay a visit to our showrooms for us to understand your business area & customer trend in that part of the world, so that to ensure you get a qualified selection of products. If our customers are not too sure about their market trends in their areas, I am sure our qualified & experienced sales personnel are able to provide some suggestions.

All of Costume Jewellery Shee’s showrooms provides one of the most spacious & comfortable environment for our customer to concentrate on selecting our products. With its centrally located showrooms, 2 minutes walk from our Malaysia’s light-rail-transit ‘Central Market’ station or a stone throw away from the Malaysia’ popular tourist attraction ‘Petaling Street’, it had proven to be very convenient to our customers.

With 40 years of experience, we are able to share this opportunity with you! We have full range of modern costume jewellery for sale at all our branches, good quality at a reasonable price. If you feel like we can do business together either as a customer or a supplier, please use our enquiry form OR you can visit any of our outlets and our friendly sales personnel will attend to you.

Thank You!


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