925 Silver Accessories (92.5% Silver)

Silver Jewellery & Accessories Care Solutions by Town Talk Polish Co.

Introducing an exquisite array of silver jewelry care solutions by Town Talk Polish Co., ensuring your cherished pieces radiate timeless brilliance. Our collection features specialized formulas meticulously crafted to preserve and enhance the beauty of your silver adornments. From tarnish removers that gently eliminate discoloration to polishing cloths that impart a radiant luster, each product is designed to cater to the unique needs of your silver jewelry.

Town Talk Polish Co. takes pride in its commitment to quality, offering eco-friendly and non-abrasive solutions that protect the integrity of your precious items. Whether it’s a vintage heirloom or a contemporary design, our range of silver jewelry care products guarantees a pampering experience for your treasures. Elevate the longevity and allure of your silver accessories with the trusted expertise of Town Talk Polish Co., where innovation meets tradition in perfect harmony.

We carry Silver Polishing Cloth, Gold Polishing Cloth, Silver Polish, Sonic Cleaning Solution, Silver Sparkle Cleaning Solution and Silver Anti Tarnish Storage Bags from Town Talk Polish Co, United Kingdom.

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Our 925 Silver Accessories & 999 Silver Fashion Accessories

Majority of our silver fashion jewelry pieces are made from 92.5% silver. We do carry a smaller selection of silver accessories using 99.9% silver. The 925 silver accessories are sourced & manufactured both locally and overseas. We are the best place to start sourcing for the full range of 925 silver accessories as we carry almost if not all types of fashion pieces. Such as necklace, neck chains, bracelets, earrings, ear studs, pendant, bangles and etc.

To complement the 925 silver accessories & 999 silver accessories, we carry some silverware maintenance products to wash, clean or store your silver fashion jewelry. See our Town Talk collections.

Our Silver Cleaning & Maintenance Range

It is normal that 92.5% (or 925) Silver accessories over time, it will tarnish or gets dirty. Mainly depending on the person sweat profile, frequent exposure to perfume/cologne, frequency bath/wash with the silver accessories and how it is kept in storage. To complement our Silver accessories, we carry a range of cleaning, maintaining & storage products. Besides Silver accessories, you can use them for household silverware or any silver based items.

One of the brand we carry is TOWN TALK POLISH. When the Silver accessories (e.g. silver earring, silver pendant, silver necklace and etc.) are tarnished (means it started to look yellowish), you can use TOWN TALK Silver Sparkle, a cleaning solution to clean the fashion accessories. After cleaning, to maintain the shine for a longer period, you can use the Silver Polish solution. And lastly, for storage, you can buy the Silver Storage bags, to enable the Silver shine last much longer. For simpler cleaning of the silver accessories, you can also use the Silver cleaning cloth.