Gifts Boxes & Packaging

OPP Transparent Packaging Bag Beg Plastic Lutcahaya Tinggi Wholesale Borong (Various Sizes)

Introducing our versatile OPP Plastic Bags, a wholesale essential for packaging solutions. Crafted from high-quality Oriented Polypropylene, these bags offer durability without compromising on clarity. Available in various measurements, they cater to diverse needs. Ideal for bulk orders, these bags provide a secure and professional packaging option. Perfect for businesses seeking reliable, non-adhesive packaging solutions. Elevate your wholesale experience with our OPP Plastic Bags, combining functionality and flexibility seamlessly.

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Our Wholesale Gift Boxes

In the end after your customers bought your fashion accessories as a gift for their friends or loved ones, we wholesale various gift boxes for rings, bangle, bracelet, earrings and etc. We supply them by the dozen to enjoy the wholesale price.

Our gift boxes are paper based for more common and regular gifts. Then we also have those in velvet. These are more suitable to higher priced gifts especially for goldsmiths or silversmiths customers.