Silver Jewellery & Accessories Care Solutions by Town Talk Polish Co.

Introducing an exquisite array of silver jewelry care solutions by Town Talk Polish Co., ensuring your cherished pieces radiate timeless brilliance. Our collection features specialized formulas meticulously crafted to preserve and enhance the beauty of your silver adornments. From tarnish removers that gently eliminate discoloration to polishing cloths that impart a radiant luster, each product is designed to cater to the unique needs of your silver jewelry.

Town Talk Polish Co. takes pride in its commitment to quality, offering eco-friendly and non-abrasive solutions that protect the integrity of your precious items. Whether it’s a vintage heirloom or a contemporary design, our range of silver jewelry care products guarantees a pampering experience for your treasures. Elevate the longevity and allure of your silver accessories with the trusted expertise of Town Talk Polish Co., where innovation meets tradition in perfect harmony.

We carry Silver Polishing Cloth, Gold Polishing Cloth, Silver Polish, Sonic Cleaning Solution, Silver Sparkle Cleaning Solution and Silver Anti Tarnish Storage Bags from Town Talk Polish Co, United Kingdom.

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OPP Transparent Packaging Bag Beg Plastic Lutcahaya Tinggi Wholesale Borong (Various Sizes)

Introducing our versatile OPP Plastic Bags, a wholesale essential for packaging solutions. Crafted from high-quality Oriented Polypropylene, these bags offer durability without compromising on clarity. Available in various measurements, they cater to diverse needs. Ideal for bulk orders, these bags provide a secure and professional packaging option. Perfect for businesses seeking reliable, non-adhesive packaging solutions. Elevate your wholesale experience with our OPP Plastic Bags, combining functionality and flexibility seamlessly.

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Wholesale Combs, Nail Clippers & Stuffs

Other products we wholesale to complement your products are some daily items such as nail clippers and combs. Nail clippers we only carry the best quality ones from Korea, the “777” brand. Comparatively with other brands, the blade last longer and sharper. Furthermore 777 has been a household brand for as long as we can remember. Can never go wrong.

We also wholesale a full range of combs. Our selection of combs is suitable your customers who are children, adults, men, women and even for saloons owners. We carry combs such as wide tooth comb, pocket comb, fine tooth comb, rat tail comb, barber comb, pick comb, barrel comb/brush, hair coloring comb set and etc.

We have some selection of cosmetics such as make up kit, eye liner, lip liner, compact powders and others. However, we are phasing out this range of products.

Ear Piercing Solution

Ever wanted your ear pierced for the first time or have additional piercing? We supply sterilized 316L grade stainless steel ear studs and piercing instruments for your need. Gone are the days where ginger to numb your ear lobes and needle to make the earring hole.

The product we carry is designed to pierce fully hygiene & almost painlessly from start till end. The ear studs are all sterilized packed, and the way its done does not require the ear studs being touched by our hands, thus minimizing any possible infections up till the ear studs are pierced on to the ear.

We carry pre-packed ear studs from the factory, skin anesthesia spray and the ear piercing instruments. The ear studs comes in various designs and stones color. In general people choose birth month matching color stones as their first pierce.

Thinking of adding this easy money making business to complement your current business or doing purely ear piercing services to your customers, do drop by our showroom, we can guide and teach you how to do it.